File/Daak Monitoring System

All documents, files, circulars, Government Orders, Memorandums, Dak etc. that flow as part of the process today are in physical paper form.


Progress Monitoring System

It is a full-fledged portal for the monitoring of life cycle of projects from Admin Approval to Completion Certificate of the project.This application helps in monitoring of all development works of the state. This product is the first of its kind in the country.

Inventory Management System

Inventory control system is a systematic way of handling the flow of material which is required by the department


Sports Department Management System

Personal information & Management System.Monitoring of Sports Nurseries, Wings, Academies and training.Complete information of Coaches and Employees

e- Attendance, m-Attendance

Daily Attendance report can be fetched out at the H.Q. Attendance Details may contain the following architecture.Coaching Center Details
,Category i.e. Coach/ Player,Name,Today’s Date,Time In,Time Out,Total hours.